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Pamela Charles

Pamela Charles is a 25-year-old Kenyan business graduate who has taken up writing about business, black history, art, NFTs, and interesting topics. She is a successful writer who partners to work on amazing projects! Her skype ID is pamelacharles50, you can follow her on Instagram @ pamella_254 and Snapchat

Laura Soi

Laura is a writer, author, poet, and big data enthusiast. She is keen on helping combine a story of both joys and heartaches of the art of life seamlessly. She has written for The Standard and other major media outlets. She clearly understands how well to tell a story.

Sian Owen

Marques Hardin

Marques Hardin is the founder of Artgence. Alongside his role as a personal art shopper and art advisor for the company, he loves to seek out the best artworks out there, especially by Black and African artists, and share them with the world. He writes quick snippets to highlight the artists he loves and the amazing works they create.

Léo Esquilat Bague

Artgence is launching its new blog publication, a new reference on modern art, and upcoming creatives throughout the world.

The main goal of the blog is to promote the artists we work with and their latest artwork. Additionally, as following our mission, we are inspired to shed light on Afro-American art and African art, through articles about politics and art, social issues, interviews, and analysis of the emerging art market.