Petra Parčetić

InterviewsButler : Minimalism and Finesse

If you’re a Black artist, you’re always expected to make art that is directed towards your struggle that reflects your pain or your challenges of being Black. However, I think that just your existence alone is already a protest, in Western context, and that’s the way I see myself. Being able to make art in this Western environment and for some people to be able to accept it is kind of my protest anyway. It’s because most of my work is of Black people and most of my audience and the people that buy my work is white, so I’m pushing this Black image to beyond what they see on TV, in the movies or in the music videos. 

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Artist SpotlightArtist Profile : YANNIS DAVY GUIBINGA

Characteristic vividness of colors in sharp contrast to his dark-skinned models capture a spectator’s eye more than easily. Exactly that is what 25-year-old Yannis Davy Guibinga aims to emphasise through his lens: the revolutionary voice of the modern African continent, perspective shift on African ethnicities and their identity in post-colonial times.

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Art, Politics & SocietyArthur Jafa’s "Love is the Message, the Message is Death" as a leitmotif of the fight for racial justice

With a direct and raw narration, Jafa transfers the message in another form of protest and expression of Black culture, as it is the exact opposite of calculated, cold and always (slightly) censored White media and authors.

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