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Art, Politics & SocietyShan Wallace : Glimpses of the Ballroom Scene

Born in 1991, the photographer discovered ballrooms In Baltimore, when she was still a teenager. This culture really helped her shape her sexuality and gender expression. She said that as a gay Black woman, she developed an androgynous version of herself, which ran counter to the typical « dominant, butch » lesbian stereotype that prevails. Through voguing, she could express both her feminity and her masculinity (or at least what is seen as feminity and masculinity)

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Art, Politics & SocietyDevin Allen, the eyes of Baltimore

One of his shots showed a Black man running, followed by a herd of police officers wearing riot gears. He posted it on Instagram and Twitter. It went viral. A few days later,he was contacted by Time magazine.

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Art, Politics & SocietyThe Story Behind... Obama's "HOPE" Poster

In a nutshell, the poster combines the efficiency and the aesthetics of Soviet propaganda and Warhol’s art.

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Art, Politics & SocietyWhen will we decolonise art ?

Twenty-six pieces of the"Treasure of Behanzin" looted from the Abomey Palace in 1892 will leave the Quai-Branly Museum for Benin.Even though we can only appreciate these gestures, we must also realise that it represents a small share of stolen African art. If President Macron (or any other European leader) decides to massively restitute stolen pieces of art that African countries have been claiming for a long time, it could turn the tide and lead to a structural change in mentalities.

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