Yasmine Ben Abdessalem

Artist SpotlightTadeas Podracky : Eindhoven's New “Enfant Prodige” 

Tadeas Podracky is an artist based between Eindhoven and Prague, and his graduation project is bringing light to the concept of “Metamorphosis”. Podracky believes that “design has rendered our environment impersonable”. Furniture are being massively and extensively produced, and to escape these impersonal environments, we tend to escape to virtual words. 

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Virtual ExhibitionsArtgence launches the biggest virtual exhibition in the world in collaboration with OpenEye Magazine

The biggest virtual exhibition is now available to everyone, wherever you are in the world. More than 3000 square meters, 42 stands, 100 photographers and 570 photographs are now on display on the website : https://openeye-by.artgence.co/ . This exhibitions features photographers and artists such as Myriam Martinez, Bernard Moncet, Jean Paul Marbach. 

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Art, Politics & Society Name a More Iconic Duo : Art and Digital Platforms

Are we witnessing a redefinition of the concept of art, with a more global, less elitist vision of what makes the beauty of a work? It seems that the artistic landscape is changing, through its promotion on social media and the use of less traditional mediums.

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Artist SpotlightGrace Lynne Haynes : Black Femininity is Sublime

Grace portrays tender moments as the hands of her figures rest on swaths of delicately layered areas of patterning and puffy tufts of material that compose of clothing.

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Art, Politics & SocietyOn why the African Art Market is the Future

The trend and appeal for the African art market has been consolidated by the proliferation of artistic events in African capitals such as ART X in Lagos...

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Virtual ExhibitionsA Virtual Exhibition: FABRIC

Artgence invites you (in 3D) to a virtual exhibition: FABRIC, a hi-tech 3D exhibition dedicated to innovation. An innovative media and display for an exhibition about innovation intertwining with the everyday.

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Over time I came to terms with injustice and accepted it, as accepting abuse because of the color of my skin was just the way things were and are. It is part of the norm...

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InterviewsQuarantine Talks: Joris Graaf

When seeing my work for the first time, most people believe they’re looking at paintings, but they’re actually looking at digital photographic artworks. To make these images, I start with multiple-exposed photographs of scenes that I either find or build myself with various materials...

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InterviewsQuarantine Talks: Ralph Zabel

During the first weeks of quarantine, Artgence took the time to interview select artists and learn more about their thoughts on the reactions from COVID-19 and how they are staying true to their creative process.

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