April 4, 2022Interview: Afroscope

We had the opportunity to interview Afroscope, an NFT artist making rounds in the digital space. Check out what he has to say about art, his creative process, and what he has in store for the future.

December 6, 2021Watch: Curator Jérémy Chausse talks about the art market with the Russian Academy of Design

Last week, our art expert and curator, Jérémy Chausse, was invited to give a talk at the Russian Academy of Design (RAD). In this talk, Jérémy talks about contemporary art, his vision for the art market, and how collectors may use art objects in interior space.

July 1, 2021"It is not a question of replacing visual art with technology, but of giving a new dimension to the art market." - An Interview with curator Jérémy Chausse

The exhibition "IT IS ALL AROUND US" is showcasing NFT artworks from a variety of artists all around the world. The world of NFT, and digital art in general, is a vast, unexplored land rife with possibilities. We had a chat with the curator of the show, Jérémy Chausse, about why he thinks NFT is the future and what we can look forward to in the exhibition.

May 11, 2021"My Art Helps Me Discover What It Is That I’m Feeling" - An Interview With Artist Omoyeni Racheal Arogunmati

Her abstract, impressionistic paintings captured our imagination. Artist Omoyeni Racheal Arogunmati talks about her works and the amount of work she does before putting paint on canas.

May 7, 2021 "It’s a conundrum that such a large continent represents so little in the art market" - An Interview with Olivier Sultan on African Art

My dream would be that in 5 or 10 years we will pass this purgatory and stop categorizing artists, talking about them in their own name, forgetting the African qualifier. I hope they’ll be in the most beautiful galleries and the greatest museums. For my activity, I would also like to get out of this categorization in order to be able to exhibit, probably always on the theme of Africa, artists who come from all over the place. Indeed, my deepest wish and it becomes the case is that the name no longer comes with the qualifier African. This is especially the case when we hear names like Chéri Samba or Barthélémy Toguo and that makes me happy.

May 5, 2021"I Want My Art To Put A Smile On Other People's Faces" - An Interview With Artist And Photographer Awuku Darko Samuel

He started his craft with a smartphone camera, and even though he's since upgraded to a better camera, his photography still carries the same "make do with what you have" spirit. We chatted with Awuku Darko Samuel to find out more about his photography and more.

March 24, 2021Butler : Minimalism and Finesse

If you’re a Black artist, you’re always expected to make art that is directed towards your struggle that reflects your pain or your challenges of being Black. However, I think that just your existence alone is already a protest, in Western context, and that’s the way I see myself. Being able to make art in this Western environment and for some people to be able to accept it is kind of my protest anyway. It’s because most of my work is of Black people and most of my audience and the people that buy my work is white, so I’m pushing this Black image to beyond what they see on TV, in the movies or in the music videos. 

March 16, 2021Nuits Balnéaires: When Art moves beyond Geographical Borders

“My soul belongs to so many lands and cultures that it makes it impossible for me to conceive the geographical borders inherited from the colonial age.” — Nuits Balnéaires

February 25, 2021Small town boy to Paris Fashion Week photographer - Meet William Perez

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February 25, 2021Quarantine Talks: Ralph Zabel

During the first weeks of quarantine, Artgence took the time to interview select artists and learn more about their thoughts on the reactions from COVID-19 and how they are staying true to their creative process.

February 25, 2021The Hypnotic Dream World Of Michael Walrond's Photography

So what’s next for Michael? He’s got an upcoming solo exhibition with Artgence where he would be showcasing some of the works he’s done over the years. Other than that, he’s working on a book featuring Black people. As a Black artist himself, the recent going-on with the Black Lives Matter movement hits close to home. He received criticism for not being so vocal about it on social media, but he thinks social media shouldn’t be the metrics of his activism. He’s an artist, so what he creates is art. “This is my way of saying something about it.”

February 25, 2021How art became therapy, and overcoming the challenge of being a disables artist in the art world

I had always made drawings from a young age. During a recent mental health treatment & brain injury diagnosis, I was told that my first concussion was at 9 years old. I struggled with learning and concentrating all through schooling...

February 25, 2021Quarantine Talks: Joris Graaf

When seeing my work for the first time, most people believe they’re looking at paintings, but they’re actually looking at digital photographic artworks. To make these images, I start with multiple-exposed photographs of scenes that I either find or build myself with various materials...