Virtual Exhibitions

November 9, 2021Dennis Osadebe: Inside Out — Reimagining Africa through bright and colorful Neo-Africa

Tired of the lazy term, Africa Art, artist Dennis Osadebe coined the term Neo-Africa to reimagine a more positive, bright, and hopeful Africa. Through the use of digital methods and traditional Nigerian imagery, Osudabe marries the two into an insightful look at present-day Nigeria and the world at large.

October 8, 2021NFT marketplace Alpha Quark wants to focus on creators and help them protect their Intellectual Property

By protecting their IP, artists are still getting paid every time their NFT is sold. To help show the best artists on their marketplace, Alpha Quirk curated a digital gallery of the best they have to offer.

September 17, 2021VIDEO: Take a quick glimpse into the immersive experience of the exhibition "IT IS ALL AROUND US"

With an ever-changing roster of artists, IT IS ALL AROUND US aims to show the infinite possibilities of this art form and the equalizing power NFT and digital art can have.

July 1, 2021"IT IS ALL AROUND US" Aims To Show The Infinite Possibilities Of NFT

There are a variety of stories, techniques, and visual language that will give the visitors of “IT IS ALL AROUND US” an understanding of just what NFT and digital art can do. 

May 5, 2021A Retrospective — Ndidi Emefiele: Unconquerable

Life is difficult to predict. It often throws unexpected obstacles our way. As much as we try to conquer the world and all its variables, much of it remains unconquerable. It’s a word that artist Ndidi Emefiele, along with curator Amy Andrieux, has chosen to describe Eefiele’s body of works.

March 5, 2021Artgence launches the biggest virtual exhibition in the world in collaboration with OpenEye Magazine

The biggest virtual exhibition is now available to everyone, wherever you are in the world. More than 3000 square meters, 42 stands, 100 photographers and 570 photographs are now on display on the website : . This exhibitions features photographers and artists such as Myriam Martinez, Bernard Moncet, Jean Paul Marbach. 

February 25, 2021Hidden Gems: Meet Marques Hardin of Artgence

In 2018, I took a DNA test and discovered my roots which at first was a bit confusing but based on the US’s history it made more sense – My bloodline comes from Cameroon, Congo, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Africa Southeastern Bantu, Mali, Europe, and the UK. The artists on our roster reflect the areas of my DNA. As a black man, I truly want the business to be a reflection of these amazing artist who haven’t been introduced the large art collector community.

February 25, 2021VOMA, The First Online Museum Without A Nationality

In times where a global pandemic prevents us from checking out our favorite artists in the offline world, creatives need to get creative and think of new, innovative ways to display artworks.

February 25, 2021A Virtual Exhibition: FABRIC

Artgence invites you (in 3D) to a virtual exhibition: FABRIC, a hi-tech 3D exhibition dedicated to innovation. An innovative media and display for an exhibition about innovation intertwining with the everyday.

February 25, 2021Innovation for the Art World: Virtual Galleries

The art world is no exception. We’ve accepted the museum-going experience as the de facto method of viewing art, but with lockdown in force, how are we supposed to enjoy the art that we love so much? Do we just give up on ever enjoying art?