Virtual Exhibitions

A Virtual Exhibition: FABRIC

FABRIC: A Virtual Exhibition by Artgence
Featuring artists Ken Kamara & Allan Banford

A piece of fabric can only be created by intertwining different threads.

Utilizing the different qualities, colors, and textures of those threads to create one beautiful, cohesive piece. The fabric of life is much the same, with individual threads of lives connecting and coming together to create something unique. To create Art. It is how humans have always been, always will be, whether we desire it or not.

Nowadays, technology has both strengthened and severed these threads. It is simultaneously easier and harder to connect to digital avatars of living humans across this fabric that we now call the world wide web. And just like how our predecessor used what they have to create art and connect with others, we now use this digital space to create art. An innovation of our time, a moment of our lives, a step in our evolution. But certainly not the last.

Artgence invites you (in 3D) to a virtual exhibition: FABRIC, a hi-tech 3D exhibition dedicated to innovation. An innovative media and display for an exhibition about innovation intertwining with the everyday.

FABRIC is an exhibition of explanation. Where humankind collides with the digital world, representing the best of the best of the innovation created by mankind. Ken Kamara captures the heart of society, while Allan Banford uses technology to create an algorithmic art piece transcribed from the literature of the unseen elements surrounding us. Together they represent the entirety of society and what it represents shown through their work.

To visit the virtual exhibition click here:

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