Artist Spotlight

Amoako Boafo: Hand-painted Intimate Portraitures

Header Image: "The Lemon Bathing Suit", 2019

Amoako Boafo is one of the hottest names running around the art circle. His paintings have been sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars. But it wasn’t too long ago that Boafo struggled to sell his paintings for $100, let alone $100,000. Now he’s one of the most well-known African artists in the world.

"Cobalt Blue Earring", 2019

Boafo’s distinctive style began developing once he ditched the brush and used his fingers instead. Boafo’s large, almost raw streaks of paints create a striking image. His wild strokes are often contrasted with patterned fabric, creating a wonderful juxtaposition within each painting. Boafo often paints the people he knows and/or admires, elevating the stories of his people of Accra, Ghana.

"Sunflower Shirt", 2019

His very distinctive style, in combination with the uptick in collecting works from African artists, has made his works highly sought after. Within the span of a year, he’s sold out a booth at Art Basel, had several solo shows, and had his works acquired by several international art museums, including Guggenheim. Though he had struggled with the crash course into the high echelon of art society, he’s continuing to create works while supporting Accra’s artists and art scene.

"A Red Rose", 2019

View more of Amoako Boafo’s works on his Instagram.

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