Amoako Boafo’s artwork will reach outer space

In the past couple of years, artist Amoako Boafo has seen an enormous rise in popularity. He grew from a practically unknown artist from Ghana to a celebrity artist rubbing shoulders with Paris Hilton, Joan Smalls, and Karolina Kurkova. He went from barely being able to sell his works in his home country to selling his works to collectors all around the world. Now his painting will reach a new frontier: space.

Aerospace company Uplift Aerospace has commissioned Boafo to paint the first of a series of artworks on the three removable composite panels of Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket. The project, dubbed the Suborbital Triptych, will be attached to the head of the rocket as it heads into space. As it will be exposed to the harsh environment of space, the painting will be created with a special type of paint. 

Boafo will make history with his stratospheric art. “I am honored to be one of the first Black men to have my work sent to space. I’m very excited to be a part of this from a historical standpoint.”

The rocket will be launched in the fall of 2021. The painted panels are part of Uplift’s charitable initiative, Uplift For Good. The initiative seeks to preserve the planet as they explore the stars and will donate to a charity of Boafo’s choosing.



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