Artist Spotlight

Andrew Gray: Merging Fine Art With Graphic Design

For two years after he received his BFA, artist Andrew Gray worked in graphic design, a career move that many fresh graduates and future artists have taken.

It’s evident in his works that he’s applied many of the things he learned in the professional field of graphic design into his paintings.

He cleverly plays with composition and stand-out colors, creating eye-catching imagery that would not look out of place on the most high-end magazine covers.

Portrait of a Collector  Acrylics on Canvas 40x40”

But Gray’s works are not just pure visual spectacles. His works tell stories that are near and dear to his heart. They often feature black men and women in various attire and circumstances. There’s also a certain tension in his paintings. This tension can be from an unbreaking, confronting gaze from his subjects or a cleverly placed block of color precariously balanced in a field of color. It is impossible to look at one of his paintings and not be curious about the story behind them. A young girl stands on top of a platform in her swimsuit and goggles, looking down over the edge. What is she looking at? What’s stopping her from taking the plunge?

Andrew Gray’s works can be viewed on his Instagram or website

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