Virtual Exhibitions

Artgence launches the biggest virtual exhibition in the world in collaboration with OpenEye Magazine

The biggest virtual exhibition is now available to everyone, wherever you are in the world. More than 3000 square meters, 42 stands, 100 photographers and 570 photographs are now on display on the website : This exhibitions features photographers and artists such as Myriam Martinez, Bernard Moncet, Jean Paul Marbach. 

This project aims at showing the best work that was received when publishing the call for projects “confinement, dans l’attente de la renaissance” started by OPENEYE. 

This, one again shows us the importance of virtual exhibitions in times of lockdown, or simply in times where technology is becoming an important part of our daily lives. Virtual exhibitions have the potential to give buyers a real interactive experience, with diverse art collections that will allow buyers and viewers to discover new artists, as it is the case with “Confinement, dans l’attente de la Renaissance”. No boundaries are limiting the scope of virtual exhibitions, which also allows the clients to browse the website whenever they want ; between two meetings, at home, on their phone, or on their computers. This exhibition is also available 24/24 hours. 

Take a sneak peek here of the exhibition here : 

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