Artist JR made parts of the Great Pyramids disappear and turned it into 4.591 NFTs

If you’re unfamiliar with the artist JR, you might have seen his works before. In 2019, he glued printed papers that show just what is hiding under the Pyramid of the Louvre. 3 years before that, he made the same pyramid “disappear”. Known for his playful approach to creating deeper meanings in his urban art, this year JR worked with a different pyramid.

"The Secret of the Great Pyramid", 2019. Louvre Museum, Paris.

JR is one of the artists exhibiting his work in the first-of-its-kind exhibition, Forever is Now, in the Giza Plateau. After years of negotiation, Art D’Egypte, the group behind Forever is Now organized its annual exhibition to be held in the Great Pyramids and the surrounding Giza Plateau. At this World Heritage site, the past is brought back to life with contemporary art.

Just like his previous works, JR took a playful approach in creating his installation. Titled Greetings from Giza, the installation consists of mesh and a steel structure depicting a hand holding a picture of one of the Great Pyramids, the Pyramid of Khafre, with a floating top. Using the anamorphosis technique, where a distorted projection will reveal an image at a certain viewpoint, JR made the impossible possible.

JR, "Greetings from Giza", 2021.

But JR’s playful interaction extends beyond the physical realm. This artwork also marks the first time the artist created his first NFT project. The image of the hand holding up the floating pyramid is divided into 4,591 NFTs, a number that reflects the age of the Pyramids. And just like JR’s gigantic installation, the NFTs can only make a recognizable image when viewed in a certain way — when all 4.591 pieces are brought together.

"Greetings from Giza" sectioned into 4,591 NFTs.

To bring even more value to some of the NFTs, 743 hieroglyphs have been "hidden inside the collection following the golden ratio, which is present at the site of the Great Pyramid (but not Khafre)". The hieroglyphs were referenced from Sir Alan Gardiner's Sign List from 1927. In addition, five special “hieroglyphs” created by JR will be hidden in five of the NFTs.

One of the hidden hieroglyphs in the NFTs.

The NFTs will be released on HENI on November 5, 2021. Those who want a piece of this art must apply for a chance to own JR’s NFTs. The application period will close on October 28, 2021, at 12 pm EST.

Forever is Now is open to the public from October 21, 2021, until November 7, 2021.

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