Artist Spotlight

Artist Spotlight: Cassi Namoda

When artist Cassi Namoda was young, she lived in places like Kenya, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic. Born in Mozambique, her multicultural upbringing shaped much of what she puts onto canvas in the present day. Inspired by filmmaking, her portraits are akin to stills of a movie, telling a story of modern-day Mozambique.

Conjoined Twins One Evening at Hotel Chaubo, 2020.

While her paintings can range in stories and size, they are all rife with symbolism, some repeating throughout her works. Of note is the character Maria, a woman that functions much like a facsimile of the Mozambique story. Another recurring character is the conjoined twin, a symbol of the state of post-colonialism and the “strangeness” often imparted to Black bodies.

Little Is Enough For Those in Love, 2019

View more of Cassi Namoda’s works on her Instagram.

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