Artist Spotlight

Artist Spotlight: Collins Obijiaku

Header Image: "Untitled", 2020. Acrylic, oil colour, charcoal on paper.

Collins Obijiaku is an artist from Kaduna, Nigeria. He paints soulful portraits that hold the gaze of those who look upon them. He primarily uses oil paints, creating bold strokes within his creation and breathing life into his portraits. He is often inspired to paints those around him, but at times he would ask strangers to serve as his muse. His technique involves tracing the contour of the subject’s face as if mapping every part of the figure’s presence. His current technique is a result of experimenting with portraying black skin. 

"Untitled", 2020. Acrylic, oil colour, charcoal on paper.

Obijaku started his creative career when he doodled in the margins of his school notes. He would continue sketching and drawing during his free time, including after work. It was a release that he needed. His distinct style is the result of the almost-obsessiveness of his drawing habit and the fact that he is largely self-taught.

"Untitled", 2020. Charcoal and oil on paper.
"Girl with Stud Earrings", 2020. Charcoal and oil on paper.

View more of his works on his Instagram.

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