Artist Spotlight

Artist Spotlight: David Alekhuogie

David Alekhuogie is an artist and photographer based in Los Angeles whose works explore Black culture, and more specifically, the Black male body. Alekhuogie takes items and iconography that are often associated with Black culture and examines their existence and why we see them as they are. 

In his Pull_UP series, he takes photographs of midriffs of Black men, showing their low-riding pants. This fashion style is often associated with Hip Hop culture and is often seen as a sign of “delinquent” boys and is worthy of punishment. It is yet another way to punish and police the Black male body. But within Alekhuogie’s series, the fabrics of undergarments and pants are blown up and became an urban landscape of the body. 

Alekhuogie continues to explore the low-slung pants imagery in his To Live And Die in L.A. and FLAG series. In the former, he took the studio photos and brought them to the street, giving them a more lived-in atmosphere. In his FLAG series, he stitched repeating images together, creating a flag out of the bands of colored fabric.

View more of David Alekhuogie’s works on his website or Instagram.

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