Artist Spotlight

Artist Spotlight: David Shrobe

Top Image: "Blanche", 2019. Acrylic and ink on canvas in wood frame

Like many artists, David Shrobe look to his past and his home to inspire his creations. Unlike many artists, Shrobe physically incorporates parts of his history into his creations. With a family history that can be traced almost a century back, Shrobe has inherited some items rich with stories. In turn, he incorporates these historical items into a similarly charged artwork about identities and history. 

"My Corner", 2020. Oil on paper and canvas, acrylic on flocking, linen, suede and leather mounted on wood panel and set in found wood frame

But it’s not just his family heirlooms that inspires him. Shrobe’s works are a collage of items he’s collected from various locations throughout the years. The object itself often serve as the starting point to an idea, not the other way around. Shrobe would take these items apart and reassemble them into what he calls portals into a different narrative. Many of Shrobe’s portraits resembles early photographs. Within an oval frame, Shrobe creates a sitter made out of various materials. By using the familiar conventions of a 19th century photograph, Shrobe questions the visual history of portraitures. 

"Ascension", 2021. Acrylic, ink, velvet flocking, silk, and linen on canvas in wood frame with gold leaf behind glass.
"Moonwalk With Monuments", 2021. Oil, acrylic, graphite on wood, flocking, leather, suede, vinyl, velvet, and wood.

View more of David Shrobe’s works on his website or Instagram.

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