Artist Spotlight

Artist Spotlight: Dawn Okoro

Header Image: "Word is Bond". Acrylic and copper leaf on canvas.

Artist Dawn Okoro draws heavily from her Nigerian roots, infusing them with pop culture to create a narrative for Black bodies to exist beyond the stereotypical roles they’re often put in. Her love of fashion is also evident in many of her pieces. Okoro would often highlight the fashion pieces in her paintings or even creating and designing her own fashion pieces. 

"Looking East". Acrylic and copper leaf on canvas.

In highlighting the fashion element, Okoro talks about how these images often shape our perception of certain groups of people. Her Deconstructed Vixen series focuses on the often objectifying ways Black women are portrayed in hip-hop music videos. In Punk Noir, she presents a different version of punk, one that’s filled with the brilliant Black creatives that resist the establishment.

"Ghetto Bass". Acrylic and gold leaf on wood panel.
"Put Her in the Buck". Acrylic and gold leaf on wood panel.

View more of Dawn Okoro’s work on her website or Instagram.

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