Artist Spotlight

Artist Spotlight: Delita Martin

Header Image: "New Beginnings", 2017. Acrylic, relief printing, lithography, charcoal, decorative papers, hand‐stitching.

Based in Texas, artist Delita Martin grew up seeing her grandmother collect items into a special jar. Each of these items holds special memories to Martin and her family. Inspired by the story and meaning given to the objects, Martin incorporates these items and their stories into her works. With her works, she tells the marginalized stories of Black women and their often untold history. 

"The Space That Binds Us", 2018. Acrylic, charcoal, gelatin printing, relief printing, collagraph printing, decorative papers, hand-stitching.

Martin has a background in printmaking and drawing, which is evident in every image she creates. She often portrays Black women amidst colorful patterns and symbols. In her most recent works, these patterns evoke the presence of a spiritual other, a hidden being within each woman that can only be seen when certain conditions are met. She also incorporates many other mediums into her works, like paint, cloth, or even gold leaf. She likens this merging of different materials to quilting, a process she learned from her grandmother.

In addition to creating her own personal works, Martin also created the Black Box Press Foundation. Its mission is to “support artists in the production of an exhibition that brings together the creative energy of the arts to move us emotionally with the strategic planning of activism necessary to bring about social change.” The foundation gives grants to artists who use their work as a form of activism.

“Among Shadows”, 2020. Relief printing, charcoal acrylic, liquid gold leaf, decorative papers, hand stitching.

View more of Delita Martin’s works on her website or Instagram.

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