Artist Spotlight

Artist Spotlight: Elliott Jerome Brown Jr.

Header Image: "Is it that I desire to see Jesus bend, to witness them at odds or in question? Jesus loves me, but I believe that Jesus is in process too.", 2018.

In his photographs, artist Elliott Jerome Brown Jr. almost never focuses on the faces of his subjects. Instead, he tells his stories through the portrayal of the bodies and how they interact with and occupy the space around them. This intimate, quieter portrayal of Black people’s daily lives runs in contrast with how the media often depicts them. 

"Devin in red socks", 2018.

When Brown started creating, he created images that he rarely saw when he grew up. He chose to focus on the interior space as a reflection of the inner, mental space. There’s an intimacy that feels soft and fragile, a moment that is rarely given to us, the audience. A mere stranger. 

As a queer photographer, Brown also frames Black queerness, especially male queerness, in a soft, vulnerable manner that counteracts the stereotypical hypermasculinity of Black men. 

"Wilting". 2016
"The weight of the rain nudges petals from their stems and into a downward chorus", 2020.

View more of Brown’s works on his website or Instagram.

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