Artist Spotlight

Artist Spotlight: Greg Breda

Header Image: "Still, I Am Consumed, (First Love, Ish)", 2015. Acrylic on mylar.

Greg Breda is yet another example that artists do not have to have a formal background in art. Breda, an artist from Los Angeles, California, is mainly self-taught. Though his portraits are grounded in reality, there’s a whimsicality and softness to them.

"Resplendent Flame II (First Love, Ish & Isha)", 2015. Acrylic on mylar.

Breda looks for inspiration in media and his own memory. Flowers are a common presence in his portraits, which he cleverly inserts and references the language of flowers. Breda uses strong, solid strokes to shape and highlight the faces, giving visual strengths to them. But Breda poses the figures and paints the eyes in a much softer manner, creating a wonderful juxtaposition between the outward presence and the inner spirit.

"Still, I Am Consumed, (First Love, Isha)", 2015. Acrylic on mylar.
"Resplendent Flame (First Love, Ish & Isha)", diptych, 2014. Acrylic on mylar.

Check out more of his works on his website and Instagram.

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