Artist Spotlight

Artist Spotlight: Jonathan Lyndon Chase

Header Image: "Sad forecast", 2020.

There are many struggles that Black LGBTQ+ folks have to face, but there are many things that they celebrate as well. As a queer person themself, artist Jonathan Lyndon Chase explores the different facets of the Black queer bodies. With distorted figures, Chase defies the binary gender structures in society, blending different characteristics within one singular body.

"hes fine with me", 2020.

Chase is inspired by the memories and culture they grew up with. Their works are sprinkled with 90’s hip hop culture, with items like Nike shoes or big gold jewelry having prominence in some of their works. Chase also makes many nods to Ball Room culture, a safe space created by LGBTQ+ people of colors for them to freely express themselves however they want.

"Soapy Shower", 2020.
"hang up vibrating purse", 2020.

View more of Jonathan Lyndon Chase’s works on their website or Instagram.

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