Artist Spotlight

Artist Spotlight: Ludovic Nkoth

Header Image: "Lighthouse", 2020. Acrylic on Belgium linen, 198.1 X 248.9 cm

Born in Cameroon, artist Ludovic Nkoth moved to the United States, without his family, at the age of 13. At the age where most people are starting to figure out who they are and how they belong in society, Nkoth felt alienated by his surroundings. When he returned to his birthplace later, he was seen as a foreigner. “In the US, I’m African, and in West Africa, I’m an American.”

"The Last Note", 2020. Acrylic on Belgium linen, 152.4 X 121.9 cm

This duality informs his art practice. The figures on his canvas become a way for Nkoth to reclaim his story as well as the story of his people. By design, his works are always political in nature. In one of his most recent series, Nkoth depicts the struggles of immigrants trying to seek better lives outside the border of their country. With his bright and bold strokes of color, Nkoth brings to life the humanity and the stark reality they have to go through.

"Passenger #2", 2020. Acrylic and sand on Belgium linen, 152.4 X 121.9 cm

View more of Ludovic Nkoth’s works on his website and Instagram.

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