Artist Spotlight

Artist Spotlight: Mo Baala

Born in Casablanca, Mo Baala grew up in Taroudant, Southern Morocco, A self-taught multidisciplinary artist, there is no medium that Baaala will not touch. From painting to sculpture, photography to performance, music to poetry, Baala will not hesitate to use whatever medium is available to him to satisfy his creative needs. Inspired by the world he encounters offline and online, Baala constructs a universe that reflects his eclectic mind.

While he is by most definitions a self-taught artist, he is reluctant to embrace that title. To Baala, his lack of formal training does not mean he was able to figure out the intricacies of art-making all on his own. “A self-taught artist is just a connotation,” Baala said. “To teach yourself arts is impossible because we enter in a collaboration with our friends, family, architecture, the components we have been interacting with since our childhood.”

View more of Mo Baala’s works on his Instagram.

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