Artist Spotlight

Artist Spotlight: Murjoni Merriweather

Header Image: "Seeme", 2018. Ceramic and Gold luster.

Baltimore-based artist Murjoni Merriweather uses clay to depict the real experiences she and the people around her have experienced. With her signature style of sculpted heads with elongated necks, Merriweather seeks to highlight the features of Black bodies rather than following the European standards of beauty. In fact, Merriweather very much enjoys going directly against these standards. 

"Shan", 2018. Ceramic and Gold luster.

With the size of her sculptures, Merriweather wants to highlight the importance of Black people taking up space in a world that would not let them do so before. As an artist, the act of creation can sometimes be a selfish desire to express creativity, but to artists like Merriweather, art is a way to “eliminate stereotypes and prejudices while uplifting the black community.”

:Zuri", 2018. Ceramic and Gold luster.

View more of her work on her website and Instagram.

Want her works or other works like these in your collection or space? Contact us at or visit Artgence for more information.

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