Artist Spotlight

Artist Spotlight: Nikita Gale

Header Image: "PRIVATE DANCER", 2020.

Armed with a background in anthropology, multidisciplinary artist Nikita Gale is always looking through the lens of this human study to create her artworks. Whether it’s through playing with her materials or by performing in front of an audience, Gale breaks apart and dissects the political, social, and economic systems we’re all a part of.

"US VS US", 2020. Prints of the limited edition books.

Gale often manipulates familiar objects to convey the results of her intense research period. Most of her works are based on studies and readings Gale has done on systemic racism, sexism, or whatever else she found within the pages of her research. Her work, US VS US, was based almost entirely on archival images of LAPD equipment she found during her research. What results is a limited edition of unique books and posters and an online experience of the book that slowly reveals the false sense of community in the US that is at times based on the oppression of others.

"RUINER IV", 2020.
"AUDIENCING", 2020. Performance at MoMA PS1.

View more of Nikita Gale’s works on her website and Instagram

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