Artist Spotlight

Artist Spotlight: Rendani Nemakhavhani

Top Image: "Joni", 2021.

South African art director and illustrator Rendani Nemakhavhani first created the persona PR$DNT HONEY during the 2019 South African national elections. Professionally, Nemakhavhani works at an advertising agency, but it’s her personal works that have drawn attention. Under her PR$DNT HONEY moniker, Nemakhavhani creates touching and personal projects about Black African women. In her “Ghetto Fabulous” project, she creates textile art that reflects the way she was taught to present the best version of herself even when they have little to their name.

Part of Ghetto Fabulous series. Photography by sisterbozza

For her latest project, Nemakhavhani expands her creation into the digital world. Presented at Art x Lagos 2021, she debuted her first minted art on the SuperRare platform. Continuing with her ongoing theme of celebrating Black women, her work, titled “30metah for my baby”, presents a fictional banknote worth 30 million rands (equivalent to nearly US$2,000,000). The banknote also features women, a rarity on South African banknotes. In addition to seeing female representation on banknotes, the work also serves to reverse the traditional money flow from working men to homemaker women.

"30metah for my baby", 2021.

View more of Rendani Nemakhavhani’s works on her Instagram.

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