Artist Spotlight

Artist Spotlight: Troy Michie

Header Image: "Entre Los Manos", 2015. Digital Inkjet Print Collage.

Artist Troy Michie grew up in El Paso, Texas. Growing up right next to the border between Mexico and the United States, he was no stranger to the amalgamation of culture and languages that exist in his hometown. This mixing of people has influenced his way of creating, where he literally takes bits and pieces of different materials and different colors to create one complicated but cohesive piece. 

"Arroyo", 2016. Collage.

His collages mainly focus on the Black male body, with photographs of models from erotic magazines manipulated or spliced with other images. An extra set of eyes here, a body facing a different direction from the cutout silhouette. Two images woven together so the identities become indiscernible. As an exploration of queer, Black, and male indentities, a single man can and will have multiple identities, as many from marginalized groups are wont to do. 

"Black Mamba", 2012. Magazine Collage on Plexiglass.
"Blue", 2012. Digital Collage.

View more of Troy Michie’s works on his website or Instagram.

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