Artist Spotlight

Artist Spotlight: Tyler Ballon

Header Image: "Sacrificial Lamb", 2020.

Artist Tyler Ballon is not afraid to confront the reality of life as a Black man living in the United States. As a child, Ballon grew up in a dangerous neighborhood and would use his art as a way to escape the harsh realities of life. Years later, Ballon would turn to that life for inspiration to create his stunning paintings.

"Emancipated", 2020.

While he grew up with two pastors as parents, he never fully connected the power art has always had in religion until he was enrolled at Catholic school. Here, he was exposed to masterpieces that started their lives as Christian art. Disappointed that none of the figures in these early Christian paintings were Black, Ballon set out to create Biblical-like images featuring Black people. Both in grandness, color, and composition, Ballon’s works evoke the same aura as Christian arts of yore. Mixed with the contemporariness of Ballon’s subjects, his work becomes a powerful message of the lives and plight of the modern Black people.

Return Of The Prodigal Son", 2020.

View more of Tyler Ballon’s works on his Instagram.

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