Artist Spotlight

Chiderah Bosah: Young Nigerian Painter With A Message

Nigerian artist Chiderah Bosah does one thing well, and that’s capturing an intensity within his portrait subjects that many struggles to do. An emerging artist, he uses oil paint on canvas to create portraits of the people around him. 

As a Nigerian, he draws inspiration from his surroundings, telling the stories of friends and families and their resilience and pride within this world. His recent work, recently showcased at CFHILL Art Space, speaks of the recent End SARS movement in Nigeria. In his paintings, three individuals, Leah, Aisha, and Sleek, were portrayed as strong and proud, in tribute to the violence they’ve experienced and the strength they displayed.

In his style, Bosah emphasizes the figures themselves, with very minimal background. The subtleties and details within their expression are further contrasted by the simplicity of the geometric background. Further details are either added or subtracted from the clothes to further drive the artist’s message home. 

Chiderah Bosah is a young man with a huge drive and a message to tell. His journey is only beginning.

View more of Chiderah Bosah’s works on his Instagram:

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