Artist Spotlight

David Chambers: Color At Rest

Header Image: "A Moment In Yellow", 2019

Hailing from St. Louis Missouri, artist David Chambers only learned that his drawing can be utilized in many different ways when he was attending community college. He followed his education with a BFA from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design and an MFA from the Yale University School of Art. His large paintings often depict African Americans in various activities while referring to literary narratives and mythologies.

"All This Life In Us", 2019

As with many other artists during the pandemic lockdown, Chambers was affected by the forced isolation. While he does at times struggle to create, he found inspiration in the political movements that are partially triggered by the pandemic, especially the Black Lives Matter movement. But Chambers wanted to do something different. To counteract the harsh, chaotic reality of Black American lives, Chambers wanted to create a calmer image. So he started to paint them at rest, sitting peacefully under a tree or lounging around with friends.

Part of the "After Albers" series
Part of the "After Albers" series

View more of David Chambers’ works on his website or his Instagram.

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