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El Seed: Discovering Arabic Calligraphy around the World

In the search of self discovery one can learn not only of himself but help others discover similarities between you and them. As an extension of this idea, as human beings we spread our culture in the same, if not intertwined way. This is what El Seeds work is about. His art is based off of a very distinctive form which makes it easy to recognize all around the world. Yet each piece has a unique meaning associated with a particular time, place or idea. He uses calligraphy as a form of his expression as well to express a unique and culture/location specific problems and values.

The Reader II

Beyle VI

El Seed is a Tunisian artist who was born in Paris. In search of his heritage and language he started creating pieces with the use of calligraphy. As he started gaining recognition for his unique craft he proposed his art to a way for connecting cultures around the world. In a way he creates a global village as he allows people to relate to his art through both meaning and display. When creating a piece of art, he makes sure to become part of the location he is working with in order to capture a perfectly representing quote for the area. This quote, later translated to arabic, is written in calligraphy in distinctive places and mediums.

The Bridge DMZ South Korea

This piece is very interesting as El Seed was contacted to create an installation in the (DMZ) Decriminalized zone between North and South Korea. His idea was to build a sculpture of half of a bridge with the words of North Korean poet Kim Sowol about forgetting the past. The half bridge was supposed to represent a gesture of solidarity to one day be completed by the North. Due to military laws this was impossible but El Seed kept the idea and transformed it. We can see here the same quote represented with reflecting laser-cut aluminum put against the fence which divides North and South Korea. It's supposed to represent unity and peace, yet the reflective= properties allow for the text to blend with the environment. This helps us understand the words as a reality which blends into the separation.



El Seeds work is beautiful as rather than exposing controversy, he promotes a global village in which we can all appreciate the meanings of his work if we feel a connection to it. The way he achieves it, is through integrating with his surroundings through a natural and pure form of connection and integration.

El seed's art is available on his website ;

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