Artist Spotlight

Ferrari Sheppard: Black Americana

In Ferrari Sheppard’s paintings, faces are obscured. There is no real identity to them other than the color of their skin and the clothes they are wearing.

Sheppard’s paintings want you to focus on the body language of the people within, whether it’s a mother embracing her child or small girls holding hands and playing. Just like those little girls, there’s always a playfulness in his works.

His paintings are filled with giant charcoal strokes and dripping paint. It’s reminiscent of a child playfully creating with their new art kit. 

Unlike a child’s painting, Sheppard’s works are brimming with symbolism and thoughts. They look into the lives of Black people, showing them as mothers and fathers and daughters.

Sheppard’s paintings, their compositions, their dress, and hair, are reminiscent of images from ‘50s America, yet in truth, Black people are rarely ever shown in media during that time.

Through Sheppard’s interventions, these seemingly mundane scenes transform into a deep dive into the political landscape of vintage America and Black people’s role in it. 

Ferrari Sheppard’s works can be viewed on his Instagram or his website 

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