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Gosette Lubondo : Haunting pictures from Kinshasa

Gosette Lubondo’s work Imaginary Trip seems especially relevant in the year 2020 when most of the world is under lockdown and wishing they could travel elsewhere. But her work was not created in 2020 nor was it meant to reflect the cooped up feelings of the current time. Lubondo’s 2016 series of photographs takes place almost entirely within an abandoned train in Kinshasa, Congo, where the artist calls home. Lubondo plays several roles in her scenes, showing scenes of what could happen if these trains were functioning. These non-functioning dilapidated trains are leftovers of the colonialists’ attempts at creating train lines across the country. At the cost of thousands of lives, these remnants serve as a reminder of Congo’s difficult past. By recreating scenes in these cabs, Lubondo mirrors the people’s anxiety about moving forward.

Born in 1993, Gosette Lubondo was inspired by her photographer father to take up the camera. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Art in Kinshasa in 2014. Her works explore the connection between the present and the past and how it shapes the current landscape.

Gosette Lubondo's artwork is accessible at :, or on her instagram @gosettelubondo.


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