Artist Spotlight

Kwame Acheampong: The Spirit of Jamestown Accra

The idyllic seaside life is one that many aspire to. Unlimited access to the sun and the ocean plus that special breeze in the air makes it desirable to many. Ghanaian artist Kwame Acheampong perfectly captures the essence of his seaside town, Jamestown, Accra, with his camera. Using bold colors and composition, Acheampong records the spirit and soul of the people from his town. They’re both playful and hard workers, but also not entirely devoid of their own misgivings and troubles.

It should be noted that the entire body of Acheampong’s works was shot and edited with his humble iPhone. There’s this notion that creating amazing artworks require specialized, expensive tools. There are photographers who have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on equipment and gears just to achieve that perfect shot. Acheampong proves that it’s not the gear that makes or breaks the artwork, but the artist - their skill, creativity, and ingenuity - that does.

Such a scenic, lively seaside town makes for a plethora of inspiration for the young artist. One theme that Kwame visits often is the camaraderie that organically grows in such a place. Kwame often captures scenes of young boys playing and supporting each other. The theme of brotherhood is one that is close to the artist and is clearly evident in most of his works. 

Though still an emerging artist, Kwame has shown his works on billboards all over the world. He is a young artist that’s just brimming with potential.

Kwame Acheampong’s works can be viewed on his Instagram

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