Artist Spotlight

Marcus Jansen: "Painting Is The Most Intimate Act Of War"

Header Image: "E Pluribus Unum" by Marcus Jansen

It’s difficult to consume the paintings of artist Marcus Jansen at a short glance. With techniques both seen in graffiti art and abstract expressionist paintings, Jansen’s paintings are full of colors and textures. Every single inch of the canvas must be digested slowly, one piece at a time before one could satisfactorily claim they have viewed Jansen’s paintings. Jansen incorporates almost recognizable imagery with abstract forms to create a visual language that is truly unique.

"Wire Tapping" by Marcus Jansen

Jansen often talks about social and political issues. A large part of this is due to his years in the military, and how Operation Dessert Storm permanently changed his view of the world around him. He began to examine the socio- and geopolitical aspects after the US invasion of Iraq following the 9/11 tragedy. “For me, it was a way of dealing with a second conflict, having been part of the first invasion myself 10 years prior. Being in strong opposition to it was a way to feel some sense of control over something I couldn’t change,” said Jansen.

"Obscure Line Between Fact and Fiction" by Marcus Jansen

View more of Marcus Jansen’s works on his website.

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