Artist Spotlight

Maxime Manga : Afrofuturism meets Pop Art

Bright, geometric shapes are cleverly intermeshed with photos of Black models. The words Pop Art and Afrofuturism come to mind. These are descriptions of Maxime Manga’s eye-catching creations.

Maxime has been creating his digital collages since 2016. He manipulates monochromatic photos of models, which are contrasted by psychedelic hues. He accredits his artist’s sensibility to his hometown of Yaoundé, Cameroon, where he still resides. “I live in Cameroon and it is a great cultural country with more than 200 dialects and as many tribes, influences, colors – the famous contrast is present.” 

Digital art is the newest frontier for artists. It is infinite and limitless, with imagination as its only barrier. Maxime perfectly utilizes the capabilities of the digital medium, creating images that are otherwise impossible to create. Taking inspiration from the likes of Magdiel Lopez and Joshua Kissi, he celebrates the African people and its culture, imagining the possibilities of the future where rituals and traditions merge with technology and innovation.

You can find his work on Instagram or on .

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