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NFT marketplace Alpha Quark wants to focus on creators and help them protect their Intellectual Property

By now, I’m sure you’re somewhat familiar with NFTs, the hot new item every collector is talking about now. When you were looking up what the hell is NFT, you might have come across several articles explaining that NFT is kind of like collectible baseball cards. Anyone can photocopy or distribute the image on your card, but only you can own that card. 

While that’s just fine for the purpose of collecting, what if you don’t want your image or creation to be so easily spread? What if you are a creator and you want to still profit from the thing you create after it has left your hand? That’s where intellectual property comes in, and this is where Alpha Quark decides to focus its efforts.

One of the artworks available on Alpha Quark. Art by Yellow Lamper.

Intellectual property (IP) is one of the most valuable assets in the world. Ask any creatives out there and they will tell you that it’s the owner of the IP that makes the money, not the people who made the creation. There’s a lot to cover on IP, but for those who aren’t aware, owning the IP to something, like a character, a song, or a digital image, means that whoever wants to use that creation must pay the IP owner some sort of remuneration.

Photograph by Hwang SungKu.

Right now, NFTs are used as trading cards, meaning that the first buyer can and will sell their NFTs to a second buyer at a higher price. This means the first buyer profits, but the original creator doesn’t. Doesn’t sound fair, does it? That’s also what the team at Alpha Quarks thinks. According to Alpha Quark, creators of the digital assets will get a royalty every time their asset is sold to another buyer.

Digital installation view of Alpha Quark's gallery.

But that’s not all Alpha Quirk wants to change. In addition to the traditional marketplace, Alpha Quark has designed and planned a metaverse where users can enjoy their digital assets in the digital world. They’ve created a digital gallery, powered by Artgence3D, where they have curated some of the best works they have in their marketplace. If you’re familiar with what a traditional gallery looks like, their digital gallery mimics that experience, blending our world with the 3D digital world. 

Digital installation view of Alpha Quark's gallery.

As history tells us, creatives often get the short end of the stick. They toll away for their passion, only to have someone else profit off of their hard work. But no more. Alpha Quirk is on a mission to help creators get what they deserve so that they can create even more wonderful creations.

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