Artist Spotlight

Nick Davis: Black Is Beautiful

After a series of seizures, Nick Davis was stuck at home, jobless, and with nothing to do. His wife gifted him an iPad to draw and cope. What was once a depressing period of his life became the gateway to a world of creativity. Since then, Davis has created thousands of artwork - up to 15 artwork per week - and gained over 20,000 followers on Instagram.

Davis’s works always have one underlying message, that Black is beautiful. The people in his images show what exactly it is that makes Black people so unique and beautiful. Inspired by his hairstylist wife, the characters always look their very best. Davis cites Kerry James Marshall as his biggest influence. Just like Marshall, Davis uses an almost-solid black color to paint the people in his art. Another eye-catching detail to all of Davis’s creations is the eyes of his models. They’re big, bright, and they always tell a story, whether by capturing the gaze of the viewers or looking away at an unseen target, betraying their emotions. 

There’s a stigma out there against digital art and its worth when compared to the more traditional means of producing art. It is a school of thought that should be dismissed in this day and age. Davis’s artworks are just as spectacular and rich as any other artwork out there, sometimes even more so. Just like how pop art was dismissed as being too commercial, or photography and print were shunned for its reproducibility, digital art like Davis’s is on its way to being accepted as the next step in fine art.

Nick Davis’s works can be viewed on his Instagram.  

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