Ortega is a photographer who has lived in many worlds and it shows. Starting as a graphic designer, Ortega slowly found his way to photography. As a job, he was only following his clients’ whims and desires, until he found freedom when he moved to Paris in 2011. Here, he began to tell the stories that he wanted to tell. The city of Paris and its diverse range of people became the perfect muse.

Saying that Ortega is interested in the mundane is a bit of a disservice to him. It is more apt to say that he is able to find the extraordinary out of the ordinary. His series LAZOS (meaning ties or links) compares the world he is from, Colombia, to the one he is currently living in, France, and shows that maybe we’re not so different after all. His ongoing series, La Rue, showcases the less glamorous side of Paris. A statue wrapped with a tarp or people crossing the street, Ortega’s images are simultaneously so normal yet also somehow just bursting with untold stories.

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