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Rewa: Otherworldly Stories of Women

Rewa has been creative most of her life. That creative tendency was often directed towards her financial career as a manager to solve issues and come up with marketing strategies. In 2016, needing a truly creative outlet, Rewa picked up a brush and started painting. She hasn’t looked back. In 2020, she sold thousands of dollars of her paintings in international markets.

Rewa Image
courtesy of REWA

There’s a reason why people are so enamored by her works. Her portrayals of African women in bold, geometric colors and composition are truly breathtaking. But it’s not just the technical prowess or even the subject matter at hand that makes her works stand out. It’s the way that Rewa marries the two to create a beautiful amalgamation of semiotics and aesthetics. The women in her paintings are painted using blocks of colors that are almost unnatural, each shade outlined with black lines causing them to pop out. In contrast, their surroundings and their clothes, though still bright and colorful, are rendered more akin to real life. This contrasting softness highlights the women’s physical attributes, framing them as the central points.

This serves Rewa’s message as an artist. Her art is about women and their beauty and splendor. Often, women are relegated as mere objects of admiration, existing only to be beautified or to be “sold”. In her paintings, women are alive and exude confidence, not just a living mannequin to be dressed. They are empowered and independent, ready to take on the world.

Rewa’s works can be viewed on her Instagram, or on her website : 

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