Artist Spotlight

Ronald Jackson : Portraits & Colors

Eyes that stare into the depths of your soul and demand that you acknowledge their existence. This is a recurring theme in comments about Ronald Jackson’s works. Looking through his gallery, you can see why. Jackson paints larger-than-life portraits of people of color and showcasing them, front and center, in all their glory.

But his works are not merely representations of the human form. The people in his works are often lavishly decorated in bright, floral patterns, with many wearing masks of intricate fabric. They ask the viewer to wonder and become in awe of the people portrayed in them.

Born and raised in the rural South of the Arkansas delta, Jackson witnessed firsthand the racial injustice experienced by Black Americans. This, and the 21 years he spent serving in and traveling with the Army, has shaped the way he approaches his paintings. As a self-taught artist, he finds “the process of manipulating paint on the canvas as being more critical than the materialization of the image.” He has since incorporated fabric into his paintings, allowing him to explore the relationship between African culture and colors and patterns.

You can find his work at :

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