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Tadeas Podracky : Eindhoven's New “Enfant Prodige” 

Tadeas Podracky is an artist based between Eindhoven and Prague, and his graduation project is bringing light to the concept of “Metamorphosis”. 

Podracky believes that “design  has rendered our environment impersonable”. Furniture are being massively and extensively produced, and to escape these impersonal environments, we tend to escape to virtual words. 

The artist aims at  putting the emphasis on the authenticity and revaluing the materials ability to reveal characters. As he says ; 

“I propose a new methodology of making - a reformulated approach to design that is based on emotional decisions, unpredictability and expression. Ultimately, The Metamorphosis collection seeks to enhance the emotional bond to our surrounding environment”. 

This project was born in the midst of the pandemic outbreak. Podracky was quarantined in his studio, in Prague, where the access to material was minimal. Yet, he rightly turned this handicap into a research opportunity, and used materials such as wood,textiles, trash as for example car parts, old ceramic pieces or broken glass sheets.

About his work, Podracky says ; “I realized that these materials have certain authenticity of scarcity and so that I began reevaluating the way we are approaching the materiality and hand-making. I challenged myself to unlearn deep-rooted principles of formal designing and interrupt established practices of conventional construction methods” 

Seeking a more emotional, intuitive methodology for his designs, he based his work on emotional decisions about the  structure, shape or construction process. The goal was to let the designs grow through his hands, by “ gluing and combining different elements like the process of a bird's nest's weaving”.

About working with materials such as glass, Podracky says that he learned that “Destruction has become a craft by repetitive usage with clearly defined limits. But sometimes, when the limits are accidentally exceeded, it leads to a better understanding of the material which can even improve the technique”.

When working on Gerrit Rietveld's iconic chair, the artist used  handicraft techniques that can not be entirely under control such as the pouring of colors and plastics, cutting and grinding with a chainsaw or other tools, using the ocuts and sawdust as building material. These led and fostered the unpredictability of his work ; it was not premeditated. Podracky did not design the object’s appearance, rather the chair was the outcome of quick decisions, both to the material, to the object. 

From 17th October 2020 The Metamorphosis will be the part of the Design Academy Eindhoven graduation show during the Dutch Design Week. The artist created The Metamorphosis as graduation work on Design Academy Eindhoven in the Contextual Design department. 

Link to his project’s video -

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Instagram - @tadeaspodracky

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