Travys Owen: Playing With Light And Color

Travys Owen is a photographer that knows how to work with color. Most if not all of his creations are a result of him masterfully playing with colors. A model surrounded by drabs of grey sky and concrete is highlighted by red light. Another model with vitiligo is painted with contrasting colors, shot in front of a solid background that makes the paint, not their mottled skin, pop. A tattooed artist is bathed with green light that made them seem otherworldly and their eyes even more piercing.

Born in South Africa, his surroundings influence him. He often features African models in his photographs. It is possibly the reason that Owen can stunningly photograph these models, even in “abnormal” lighting.

Many photographers fall under the trap of only being able to light lighter skin models and often neglects the darker skin models. Owen, however, knows what works and what doesn’t. He’s able to capture and highlight, in the most literal sense, the beauty of Black skin.

Travys Owen’s works can be viewed on his Instagram


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