Voice seeks to empower creators through their first NFT residency

For marginalized creators, NFT can become an equalizing factor in their pursuit of artistic freedom, one that isn’t tied to the biased views of established institutions. But there still exist the hurdles of navigating the Wild West of the digital art world. What exactly is it and how can artists make use of this technology?

This is one of the thoughts behind the creation of Voice’s first virtual NFT Residency. As part of their mission to empower creatives, Voice, an NFT platform, announced a residency to help creators navigate the world of NFT and connect them with enthusiastic collectors. To help them with their mission, Voice recruited six creative minds to serve as curators of the residency: Myriam Ben Salah, Kimberly Drew, Alexander Gilkes, Azu Nwagbogu, Misan Harriman, and Chad Knight.  

To reflect their mission statement, the artists recruited for this residency will be creating and minting artworks to the theme of Raise Our Voice. Voice believes that NFTs are more than digital collectibles. “Through NFTs, creators are now empowered to capture and share their digital expressions on their own terms,” said Salah Zalatimo, Voice’s C.E.O. Announced in June 2021, the residency will periodically release NFTs to be auctioned on Voice’s platform.

The residency recently announced its first batch of residents under the eye of Misan Harriman. Harriman is a renowned photographer, creative director, and cultural commentator who became the first Black photographer to shoot the cover of British Vogue. The three residents working with him are artists Emonee LaRussa and Yemi Davis, and Ali Sabet. 

Like a traditional residency, the NFT Residency will help the artists create art. But unlike a traditional residency, they give additional information that will help the artists create and mint their art, like cybersecurity and legal issues in the NFT world. While Voice is not currently accepting applications, it plans to open the process again sometime in the future. 

The first NFT from this residency will be dropping soon on their platfrom from resident Emonee LaRussa and her collaboratirs. Preview her works here.

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