Watch: Curator Jérémy Chausse talks about the art market with the Russian Academy of Design

Last week, our art expert and curator, Jérémy Chausse, was invited to give a talk at the Russian Academy of Design (RAD). In this talk, Jérémy talks about contemporary art, his vision for the art market, and how collectors may use art objects in interior space.

You can view the talk here on RAD’s channel. (The talk is conducted in French and Russian.)

Jérémy Chausse is a personal art shopper, art advisor, and curator. He is also interested in the digital/crypto space and is working with Artgence to build that branch of the company. % years ago, he founded "EFERYA" a web gallery specialized in promoting young artistic French and international talents. Recently, he curated one of the biggest virtual NFT exhibitions, IT IS ALL AROUND US.


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