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With perseverance and ingenuity, photographer and artist Awuku Darko Samuel wants to inspire the next generation to create

Some of the best creations out there came from artists who are limited, whether the limitation is self-imposed or a by-product of their living situation. Artist and photographer Awuku Darko Samuel is a shining example of this concept. Starting out with a humble phone camera he borrowed from a friend. Though he has now upgraded to a better, dedicated camera, Samuel still held on to his roots of creating something out of virtually nothing.

In lieu of professional models, he asks his friends and family to model for him. For Samuel, this isn’t just a cost-cutting measure or an easier solution. By asking the people in his village to participate in his photographs, he aims to teach them that you can make beautiful art out with anyone and out of anything. He hopes that through teaching them art, he can keep the youth of his village out of trouble and instead create things with what they have at hand.

There is an avant-garde quality to Samuel’s photographs. True to his mission, Samuel utilizes whatever he could get his hands on to create his highly conceptual works. Bottle caps are turned into a futuristic pair of eyewear. Plastic bottles are arranged into a high fashion collar. Fruits are turned into headpieces and masks. Even a simple bucket can turn into a beautiful art piece in Samuel’s photographs.

For this Ghanaian artist, his art is what happens when a creative must create, no matter the circumstances. Thanks to Samuel, we can see the beauty of people and objects through his eyes. And what a beautiful world it is.

View more of Awuku Darko Samuel's works on his Instagram.

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