Contemporary African Art

Artist SpotlightWith perseverance and ingenuity, photographer and artist Awuku Darko Samuel wants to inspire the next generation to create

There is an avant-garde quality to Samuel’s photographs. True to his mission, Samuel utilizes whatever he could get his hands on to create his highly conceptual works.

NewsNigerian artists want to exchange new artworks for the British Museum's Benin Bronzes

For the return of the Benin Bronzes currently housed at the British Museum in London, a group of Nigerian artists is offering new artworks in its place.

Artist SpotlightArtist Spotlight: Patrick Quarm

As vibrant as his paintings can be on screen, it is the three-dimensional aspect of his paintings that truly makes them special.

Artist SpotlightArtist Spotlight: Wonder Buhle Mbambo

Growing up in the village of Kwangcolosi in Kwa Zulu Natal to a spiritual healer mother, artist Wonder Buhle Mbambo’s works are greatly influenced by the spiritual side of his culture.

Artist SpotlightVictor Ehikhamenor: An Innovative Contemporary Artist

Hailed as one of the most innovative artists from Africa, Victor Ehikhamenor creates stunning visual masterpieces inspired by his African roots.

Artist SpotlightAmoako Boafo: Hand-painted Intimate Portraitures

Boafo’s distinctive style began developing once he ditched the brush and used his fingers instead. Boafo’s large, almost raw streaks of paints create a striking image.

Artist SpotlightBarry Yusufu: Stunning Portraitures of Nigerians

As a Nigerian artist, Barry Yusufu has one main goal: to tell the stories of his people

Interviews"My Art Helps Me Discover What It Is That I’m Feeling" - An Interview With Artist Omoyeni Racheal Arogunmati

Her abstract, impressionistic paintings captured our imagination. Artist Omoyeni Racheal Arogunmati talks about her works and the amount of work she does before putting paint on canas.

Interviews"I Want My Art To Put A Smile On Other People's Faces" - An Interview With Artist And Photographer Awuku Darko Samuel

He started his craft with a smartphone camera, and even though he's since upgraded to a better camera, his photography still carries the same "make do with what you have" spirit. We chatted with Awuku Darko Samuel to find out more about his photography and more.

Interviews "It’s a conundrum that such a large continent represents so little in the art market" - An Interview with Olivier Sultan on African Art

My dream would be that in 5 or 10 years we will pass this purgatory and stop categorizing artists, talking about them in their own name, forgetting the African qualifier. I hope they’ll be in the most beautiful galleries and the greatest museums. For my activity, I would also like to get out of this categorization in order to be able to exhibit, probably always on the theme of Africa, artists who come from all over the place. Indeed, my deepest wish and it becomes the case is that the name no longer comes with the qualifier African. This is especially the case when we hear names like Chéri Samba or Barthélémy Toguo and that makes me happy.

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