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NewsSotheby's Bored Ape lots sold for $26 Million, a new recrod for Sotheby's

After its closing on September 9, 2021, the two lots were sold for a combined total of $26.2 million. The first lot, which contained 101 Bored Ape NFTs, raked in the equivalent of $24.4 million. The second lot, with 101 NFTs from the Bored Ape Kennel Club, was sold for a total of $1.8 million. 

NewsSotheby's Bored Ape lot surpassed expectations days before auction closes

The Bored Ape lot auctioned at Sotheby's was estimated to sell for $12 million to $18 million. With days left until its closing, the lot has already surpassed expectation with a current bid of $19 million.

NewsAn NFT collector thought they were buying a genuine Banksy NFT. Turns out it was all a scam.

An NFT collector by the name of Pranksy seemed to have some prophetic sense about his chosen online moniker. The Banksy NFT they purchased turned out to be... a prank.

Art, Politics & SocietyHow NFT and Digital Art can make the art world a little bit less white and male

For the past few decades, a different generation of artists is using everchanging technology to create not just a new type of art, but a new type of artist. Unlike the very homogenous club of the traditional art world, the digital art world is incredibly diverse, with all sorts of people, of all shapes and sizes, from all corners of the world.

Virtual ExhibitionsVIDEO: Take a quick glimpse into the immersive experience of the exhibition "IT IS ALL AROUND US"

With an ever-changing roster of artists, IT IS ALL AROUND US aims to show the infinite possibilities of this art form and the equalizing power NFT and digital art can have.

Art, Politics & SocietyThe Two Sides of The NFT coin: The Downside

Once an institution as big as Christie’s decided digital art was worth selling, digital art became a legitimate form of art. Many artists were excited about this new legitimacy. But many also were wary of it.

Art, Politics & SocietyThe Two Sides of The NFT coin: The Upside

Like most innovations in history, there’s a pros and cons list that goes with it. Does the benefit outweigh the cost?

Interviews"It is not a question of replacing visual art with technology, but of giving a new dimension to the art market." - An Interview with curator Jérémy Chausse

The exhibition "IT IS ALL AROUND US" is showcasing NFT artworks from a variety of artists all around the world. The world of NFT, and digital art in general, is a vast, unexplored land rife with possibilities. We had a chat with the curator of the show, Jérémy Chausse, about why he thinks NFT is the future and what we can look forward to in the exhibition.

Virtual Exhibitions"IT IS ALL AROUND US" Aims To Show The Infinite Possibilities Of NFT

There are a variety of stories, techniques, and visual language that will give the visitors of “IT IS ALL AROUND US” an understanding of just what NFT and digital art can do. 

NewsNFT Sales Decline: A Slump Or Just Stabilizing?

With prices dropping from the initial boom, is NFT here to stay?

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