NewsAt 85, artist Shirley Woodson has no plans to put down her paintbrush

Decades ago, Woodson was told to stick to watercolors. Now she has her own solo exhibit at the same place she discovered her artistic talents as a young girl.

NFTThis NFT company wants to divide a Banksy piece into 10,000 pieces of NFTs

Do you want to be one of 10,000 owners of a piece of Banksy?

NFTThis site lets you download all the NFTs in the world

If you're curious, that's about 17TB of data.

NFTNFTs herald a new frontier for African contemporary art

Currently, African and Black contributions to art sales are just 1% of the total global collective. Can the new NFT trend change that?

NFTMiramax files a lawsuit against Tarantino for his "Pulp Fiction" NFTs

After Quentin Tarantino ignored a cease-and-desist letter, Miramax filed a lawsuit against the writer/director and his Pulp Fiction NFT sales.

NewsParis Photo 2021 showcases some of the best in photography right now

Held at the temporary Grand Palais Ephémère, Paris Photo 2021 shows us why photography is worth collecting.

NFTDigitalArt4Climate: A new, UN-backed initiative that uses NFT to fight climate change

As part of the United Nations’ Year of Creative Economy for Sustainable Development, the UN-Habitat and several other stakeholders created the DigitalArt4Climate initiative. According to their website, the initiative “uses blockchain technology to turn art into digital assets or NFTs, which can be collected and traded, thus opening up a socio-technological innovation space which helps to unlock extraordinary potential for resource mobilization and climate empowerment.”

NewsAKAA 2021 features over 100 African and African Diaspora artists from 39 international galleries

For their sixth edition of the AKAA fair, the committee decided on the running theme of Against The Flow TIme to reflect on the difficult year we all had to go through. What results is the display of resilience from artists, especially African artists, when faced with the difficulties of the past year.

NFTArtist Rachel Rossin mints her entire DNA sequence into an NFT

Known for experimenting with technology, artist Rachel Rossin decides to mint her DNA on the OpenSea platform. What does that mean for Rossin and, broadly, for the future of digital technology?

NewsLondon's National Gallery is reexamining its past and its ties to slavery

While London’s National Gallery is still struggling with its repatriation efforts for its collection of looted artifacts, it is not completely silent on reexamining its controversial past. This week, the National Gallery released the results of several years of research looking into the legacies of British Slave-ownership of the museum’s donors, collectors, and other figures associated with the museum.

Virtual ExhibitionsDennis Osadebe: Inside Out — Reimagining Africa through bright and colorful Neo-Africa

Tired of the lazy term, Africa Art, artist Dennis Osadebe coined the term Neo-Africa to reimagine a more positive, bright, and hopeful Africa. Through the use of digital methods and traditional Nigerian imagery, Osudabe marries the two into an insightful look at present-day Nigeria and the world at large.

NFTNFT might not be so diverse after all

NFT had many features that should have made the space more diverse, but it doesn't seem like that's what's happening.

NewsTwo British institutions returned their looted Benin Bronzes while the British Museum continues to refuse to do the same

In a historic move, Cambridge University and the University of Aberdeen become the first British institutions to return their Benin Bronzes. This move adds pressure for the British Museum to follow suit.

NewsAn Art Collective is making us think about authenticity and the worth of art by mxing a genuine Warhol with 999 copies

Would you buy an Andy Warhol sketch for $250? Would you buy it if you know the sketch is priced at $20,000? And would you buy it if there’s only a 0.1 percent chance that the piece you bought was a genuine Warhol?

NewsAmongst the Pyramids of the Giza Plateau, contemporary art breathes new life to the ancient structures

After over a year of preparation and three years of negotiations with UNESCO, the ancient grounds of the Giza Plateau will be home to an unprecedented exhibition of its nature.

NFTCzech royal family uses NFT to secure 700-years-old collection

By creating these NFTs, the House of Lobkowicz hope to preserve and enhance their vast collection.

NewsCollectors are excited about a diverse set of artists, according to a price ascension report

These artists from all sorts of backgrounds smashed every expectation and sold their works at multiple times the high estimates.

NFTInfamous Art Forger Wolfgang Beltracchi is selling his versions of Leonardo Da VInci's Salvator Mundi as NFTs

Beltracchi’s new project, which he titled “The Greats”, consists of multiple versions of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi. In total, Beltracchi will be selling 4,608 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. The NFTs will be on sale 5 days from the publication of this article. In another humorous poke at ownership, Beltracchi said that the buyers will not know which version of his Salvator Mundi they will get.

NewsThe University of Hong Kong demands the removal of a monument to Tiananmen Square massacre off its pramises with onlu a week of warning

In a tense exchange between several parties, the University of Hong Kong (HKU) has requested the removal of a statue that has been exhibited at the campus since 1997. The request came after the disbandment of the Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China.

NewsArtificial Intelligence testing revealed that National Gallery's Rubens masterpiece is likely a fake

Skeptics have questioned the authenticity of "Samson and Delilah" for decades, but this test might prove to be the final nail in the coffin.

NewsNigerian artists want to exchange new artworks for the British Museum's Benin Bronzes

For the return of the Benin Bronzes currently housed at the British Museum in London, a group of Nigerian artists is offering new artworks in its place.

NewsL'Arc de Triomphe, Wrapped wraps the entire national landmark in a shimmery gray fabric

After six decades, Christo and Jeanne-Claude's dream of wrapping the Arc de Triomphe was finally realized posthumously.

NewsPhiladelphia Museum of Art will return an ornate shield once looted by the Nazis to the Czech Republic

After eight decades the shield will finally return home, to the place where it has been decorating the Konopiště Castle for many years,” said Lubomír Zaorálek, Minister of Culture of the Czech Republic. 

NewsDread Scott's First NFT Sells A White Man On An Auction Block

Scott’s NFT features a looping video of a white man standing on an auction block at a Brooklyn sidewalk. Scott titled the work White Man For Sale and will be auctioned at Christie’s during a special sale on October 1. 

NewsSotheby's Bored Ape lots sold for $26 Million, a new recrod for Sotheby's

After its closing on September 9, 2021, the two lots were sold for a combined total of $26.2 million. The first lot, which contained 101 Bored Ape NFTs, raked in the equivalent of $24.4 million. The second lot, with 101 NFTs from the Bored Ape Kennel Club, was sold for a total of $1.8 million. 

NewsSotheby's Bored Ape lot surpassed expectations days before auction closes

The Bored Ape lot auctioned at Sotheby's was estimated to sell for $12 million to $18 million. With days left until its closing, the lot has already surpassed expectation with a current bid of $19 million.

NewsAn NFT collector thought they were buying a genuine Banksy NFT. Turns out it was all a scam.

An NFT collector by the name of Pranksy seemed to have some prophetic sense about his chosen online moniker. The Banksy NFT they purchased turned out to be... a prank.

NewsVisa purchased a CryptoPunk for its collection, now the world rushes to have a piece of the NFT trend

When Visa announced its purchase of a CryptoPunk avatar, the project soon exploded in popularity, with many collectors joining in to purchase the unique avatars.

NewsSmithsonian acquires essential, rare early photography collection by and featuring Black Americans

The collection features almost 300 objects which feature photography of abolitionists, women entrepreneurs of the Underground Railroad, and photographic jewelry.

Simon Fujiwara's exhibition "Who's Online!" explores the creation of identity through images

At the beginning of 2020, during the first lockdown, artist Simon Fujiwara was lost. Like many of us, he did not know what’s happening and what is going to happen. As he attempted to navigate this confusion, he created the character Who the Bær.

NewsAmoako Boafo’s artwork will reach outer space

Boafo will paint the outer panels of a rocket that will launch in fall 2021.

NewsHermitage Museum joins the NFT crowd, minting Leonardo paintings as NFTs

The State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia, has announced that it will be selling several of its collections as NFTs to raise funds for the museum.

NewsNFT defies expectancy, continues to stay relevant with $2.4 billion in sales

Some critics said NFT wouldn't last, but the market would like to differ.

NewsArt Basel returns with 273 galleries to its home city with its hybrid format

With 273 participating galleries from 33 countries, Art Basel will feature both physical, in-person viewings as well as online viewing rooms

NewsDamien Hirst's first NFT collection can be traded for physical works

Each unique piece will be sold as NFTs. That is, unless the collector wishes to trade it for a physical piece.

NewsA Very Special Place: Ikon in the 1990s — Ikon Looks Back At A Seminal Decade

By framing the past, Ikon reflects on how that past shaped them and envisions a new future

News'A Black Hole Is Everything a Star Longs to Be' Gives A Glimpse To 28 Years Of Kara Walker's Storied Career

Featuring over 600 of her drawings, the exhibition ‘A Black Hole is Everything a Star Longs to Be’ becomes the first glimpse the outside world will have to the mind of Kara Walker.

NewsDavid Zwirner launches 'Program', a global live-streaming program on June 10

Program is a global live-streaming event set to bring audiences around the world into the four David Zwirner gallery spaces in New York, London, Paris, and Hong Kong.

NewsArt Brussels launched The Art Brussels WEEK, a blend of online and offline viewing experience

For the 2021 edition of Art Brussels, the fair has decided to collaborate with the art online marketplace, Artsy. From June 1-14, 2021, collectors and art enthusiasts all over the world will be able to view what Art Brussels has to offer through Artsy’s website.

NewsArt Basel Hong Kong Held Physically And Virtually Amidst Protests and Pandemic Restrictions

The ninth Art Basel Hong Kong was held on May 19-23. The first held since the pandemic, the fair was met with both enthusiasm and criticism.

Art, Politics & SocietyWhat Chadwick Boseman’s Oscars NFT Blunder Reveals About What Digital Art Can — And Should — Do

After a barrage of criticism for his initial NFT inspired by the late Chadwick Boseman, artist Andre Oshea created a new work that addressed many of those critics. His new work, in comparison to his last, showed the capabilities the digital medium has.

NewsFrieze's Return To (Almost) Normal

For the first time since May 2020, New York City had its first in-person art fair. Though limited in size and scope due to the pandemic, the Frieze Art Fair might be a sign that things are starting to return to normal in the art world.

Art, Politics & SocietyDeveloping A New Understanding Of Art’s Role In Civil Society

Let’s unfold three long-standing polarities at stake in the art world: Government vs. Market, Freedom vs. Authority, and Provocation vs. Decadence. 

NewsNFT Sales Decline: A Slump Or Just Stabilizing?

With prices dropping from the initial boom, is NFT here to stay?

Artist SpotlightLaeila Adjovi: From Documentary to Art

Her series with fellow photographer Loïc Hoquet, titles Malaïka Dotou Sankofa, won the Leopold-Sédar-Senghor Grand Prix, the top prize for the Dakar Bienalle of Contemporary Art. It’s a stunning series that comments on how the media portrays Africa. The series is built with layers upon layers of symbolism finished with an impeccable aesthetic sheen. An androgynously-dressed model bears wings made of fabrics created by the Baye Fall Muslim religious community in Senegal. It is a poignant commentary on how the African body is often hidden or manipulated to fit the mold of Western society.

Art, Politics & SocietyMona Hatoum: Provocation and Engagement

“Like the majority of Palestinians who became exiles inLebanon after 1948, they were never able to obtain Lebanese identity cards. It was one way of discouraging them from integrating into the Lebanese situation.When I went to London in 1975 for what was meant to be a brief visit, I got stranded there because the war broke out in Lebanon, and that created a kind of dislocation, [which] manifests itself in my work…” Mona Hatoum (1998)

Artist SpotlightNja Mahdaoui: the choreographer of letters

His work is characterized by Arabic letters that come together in a colourful design. Because of the nice prints these designs consist out of his work fits perfectly on bigger objects, such as planes and architecture.

NewsThe Digital Future Of NFT Art

For the past few weeks, a new buzzword has been flitting around in art circles: NFT. This buzz comes from a debate of whether non-fungible token (NFT) artworks are the future of the art world or a danger to the planet. Debate aside, NFT art has certainly made its mark on history. On March 11, 2021, auction house Christie’s sold its first-ever purely digital artwork by an artist named Mike Winkelmann — known online as Beeple — at almost $70 million. This marks not only the first time Christie’s have sold a purely digital artwork but also accepting cryptocurrency along with other, more traditional forms of payment.

InterviewsNuits Balnéaires: When Art moves beyond Geographical Borders

“My soul belongs to so many lands and cultures that it makes it impossible for me to conceive the geographical borders inherited from the colonial age.” — Nuits Balnéaires

Art, Politics & SocietyThe Mystery of Eugène Atget

His heritage had influenced not only the Surrealists but the whole perception of the photography, particularly the documentary one. Eugène Atget created a series of visually informative documents that launched a creative pursuit of new forms and optics revealing a mysterious side of the city life that enchants even the most blasé audience of modern times.

Artist SpotlightChiderah Bosah: Young Nigerian Painter With A Message

As a Nigerian, he draws inspiration from his surroundings, telling the stories of friends and families and their resilience and pride within this world

Artist SpotlightNgozi Schommers: The Way We Mask

For African women, hair and beauty is an integral part of their lives. Yet the current discussion of African hairstyles is often seen through a colonial, western civilization lens, without any thoughts on the pre-colonial times and what it actually means to African women. Nigerian-German artist Ngozi Schommers tackles this issue, and many others unique to African women, in her transcendent works.

Artist SpotlightTiff Massey: From Metalsmithing to Storytelling

Massey’s works are always rooted in the African American vernacular and their experiences. She draws inspiration from a variety of topics, like the hip hop scene or the beauty shops, commenting on racial stereotypes and class separation.

InterviewsButler : Minimalism and Finesse

If you’re a Black artist, you’re always expected to make art that is directed towards your struggle that reflects your pain or your challenges of being Black. However, I think that just your existence alone is already a protest, in Western context, and that’s the way I see myself. Being able to make art in this Western environment and for some people to be able to accept it is kind of my protest anyway. It’s because most of my work is of Black people and most of my audience and the people that buy my work is white, so I’m pushing this Black image to beyond what they see on TV, in the movies or in the music videos. 

Artist SpotlightMous Lamrabat : Redefining Cultural Identity

Mous said: "Two people kissing under a scarf has been read as being about homosexuality or two people meeting for the first time after a wedding…For me it's just nice to start the conversation and make you think because normality doesn't actually exist."

NewsArt in the Age of a Pandemic

With limited access tostudios and materials, did their medium or style change? With everyone being forced to spendfar more time inside, with less social interaction, did this allow artists more time to create? Ordid this time inside create a shift in their artwork? Furthermore, has this pandemic and thelooming recession caused artists to reconsider their creative profession, or drive them tocommit to it further?

Art, Politics & SocietyManal Al Dowayan: Unifying Saudi Arabian Women

What is important to Manal is to make an impact on the viewer. In her most popular piece, Suspended Together, she unifies women around Saudi Arabia in representing them as a flock of birds. The birds are suspended in air yet are immobilized, reflecting the immobility of Saudi Arabain women in their own countries, in their own home. This piece shows the audience the feeling women have to deal with on a daily basis, as they need special slips in order to move around. The words of the slip are etched onto the white birds - free but not completely - from real slips allowing women from all around to travel. Manul wrote the following about the piece, “regardless of age and achievement, when it comes to travel, all these women are treated like a flock of suspended doves.”

Art, Politics & SocietyEl Seed: Discovering Arabic Calligraphy around the World

In the search of self discovery one can learn not only of himself but help others discover similarities between you and them. As an extension of this idea, as human beings we spread our culture in the same, if not intertwined way. This is what El Seeds work is about. His art is based off of a very distinctive form which makes it easy to recognize all around the world. Yet each piece has a unique meaning associated with a particular time, place or idea.

Artist SpotlightKwame Acheampong: The Spirit of Jamestown Accra

Ghanaian artist Kwame Acheampong perfectly captures the essence of his seaside town, Jamestown, Accra, with his camera. Using bold colors and composition, Acheampong records the spirit and soul of the people from his town. They’re both playful and hard workers, but also not entirely devoid of their own misgivings and troubles.

Artist SpotlightRewa: Otherworldly Stories of Women

Rewa has been creative most of her life. That creative tendency was often directed towards her financial career as a manager to solve issues and come up with marketing strategies. In 2016, needing a truly creative outlet, Rewa picked up a brush and started painting. She hasn’t looked back. In 2020, she sold thousands of dollars of her paintings in international markets.

Artist SpotlightRory Emmett and The Coloured Man

In reality the colourful pattern splattered on the entire body does the exact opposite, it takes away identity. It mystifies race and betters our understanding of whatever other political statement Emmett is exploring in a single piece. It is also a reflection of the word coloured which is the way in which African Natives of many racial origins refer to each other. 

Virtual ExhibitionsHidden Gems: Meet Marques Hardin of Artgence

In 2018, I took a DNA test and discovered my roots which at first was a bit confusing but based on the US’s history it made more sense – My bloodline comes from Cameroon, Congo, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Africa Southeastern Bantu, Mali, Europe, and the UK. The artists on our roster reflect the areas of my DNA. As a black man, I truly want the business to be a reflection of these amazing artist who haven’t been introduced the large art collector community.

NewsRegarding what should be the location of looted art

Colonialism had a lot of consequences, one of them being indigenous art and utensils that were stolen from colonized countries. These objects often behold financial, cultural and spiritual value and therefore in the new ‘woke’ era many parties are aiming for the artefacts to be returned to their home country.

Art, Politics & SocietyShan Wallace : Glimpses of the Ballroom Scene

Born in 1991, the photographer discovered ballrooms In Baltimore, when she was still a teenager. This culture really helped her shape her sexuality and gender expression. She said that as a gay Black woman, she developed an androgynous version of herself, which ran counter to the typical « dominant, butch » lesbian stereotype that prevails. Through voguing, she could express both her feminity and her masculinity (or at least what is seen as feminity and masculinity)

InterviewsThe Hypnotic Dream World Of Michael Walrond's Photography

So what’s next for Michael? He’s got an upcoming solo exhibition with Artgence where he would be showcasing some of the works he’s done over the years. Other than that, he’s working on a book featuring Black people. As a Black artist himself, the recent going-on with the Black Lives Matter movement hits close to home. He received criticism for not being so vocal about it on social media, but he thinks social media shouldn’t be the metrics of his activism. He’s an artist, so what he creates is art. “This is my way of saying something about it.”

Artist SpotlightPJ Harper(Pig.Malion): Celebrating the diversity that exists within Blackness

For Harper his arthas been a way to translate the wide range of shades and body types that sitwithin the African Diaspora into art. His work therefore showcases the diversitythat exists within blackness.

Artist SpotlightTadeas Podracky : Eindhoven's New “Enfant Prodige” 

Tadeas Podracky is an artist based between Eindhoven and Prague, and his graduation project is bringing light to the concept of “Metamorphosis”. Podracky believes that “design has rendered our environment impersonable”. Furniture are being massively and extensively produced, and to escape these impersonal environments, we tend to escape to virtual words. 

Renzo Martens: White Cube

The film follows the director in his pursuit in helping Congolese people, and more specifically palm oil and cocoa plantation workers who are being exploited, reclaim their land from the conglomerate Unilever. 

Artist SpotlightZandile Tshabalala: The True Meaning of Confidence

Her main aim in her pieces to show humanity within Black women against the more common narrative built by society today. Which is also why nature is very prominent in her paintings as well, alluding to representing the true essence of black women. She introduces a new perspective on Black women and who they are - confident and comfortable.

Virtual ExhibitionsArtgence launches the biggest virtual exhibition in the world in collaboration with OpenEye Magazine

The biggest virtual exhibition is now available to everyone, wherever you are in the world. More than 3000 square meters, 42 stands, 100 photographers and 570 photographs are now on display on the website : . This exhibitions features photographers and artists such as Myriam Martinez, Bernard Moncet, Jean Paul Marbach. 

NewsIrene Kanga at the EyeFilm Museum, Amsterdam

In three words: troubling, confronting, revealing. 

Art, Politics & SocietyWhy Afrofuturism will establish a more equal future

The term ‘Afrofuturism’ was originally defined by cultural critic Mark Derry in 1993, in an essay called ‘Black to the Future’. Yet, the idea has existed for much longer. Missy Elliot, Janet Jackson and Solange Knowles have explored the movement.

Art, Politics & Society Name a More Iconic Duo : Art and Digital Platforms

Are we witnessing a redefinition of the concept of art, with a more global, less elitist vision of what makes the beauty of a work? It seems that the artistic landscape is changing, through its promotion on social media and the use of less traditional mediums.

Artist SpotlightFerrari Sheppard: Black Americana

Sheppard’s paintings, their compositions, their dress, and hair, are reminiscent of images from ‘50s America, yet in truth, Black people are rarely ever shown in media during that time.

Artist SpotlightAndrew Gray: Merging Fine Art With Graphic Design

There’s also a certain tension in his paintings. This tension can be from an unbreaking, confronting gaze from his subjects or a cleverly placed block of color precariously balanced in a field of color.

Artist SpotlightSungi Mlengeya: Aesthetic of Omission

A closer look reveals that these portraits are not what they seem to be. Mlengenya did not paint these African women wearing white dresses in front of a white background.

Art, Politics & SocietyDevin Allen, the eyes of Baltimore

One of his shots showed a Black man running, followed by a herd of police officers wearing riot gears. He posted it on Instagram and Twitter. It went viral. A few days later,he was contacted by Time magazine.

NewsParis Welcomes New Outdoor Exhibition by Sammy Baloji

Symbols of repossession by Africa of its history and identity, these two exceptional sculptures aim to question and highlight the underlying colonial stories wiped from collective consciousness but written under the neat surface of European architectural heritage.

Artist SpotlightMarcellina Oseghale Akpojotor: The politics of Fabric

She has since created many works that explore femininity and female empowerment and reflect her identity as a woman in today’s society.

Artist SpotlightGrace Lynne Haynes : Black Femininity is Sublime

Grace portrays tender moments as the hands of her figures rest on swaths of delicately layered areas of patterning and puffy tufts of material that compose of clothing.

Artist SpotlightMaxime Manga : Afrofuturism meets Pop Art

Bright, geometric shapes are cleverly intermeshed with photos of Black models. The words Pop Art and Afrofuturism come to mind. These are descriptions of Maxime Manga’s eye-catching creations.

Artist SpotlightRonald Jackson : Portraits & Colors

Eyes that stare into the depths of your soul and demand that you acknowledge their existence. This is a recurring theme in comments about Ronald Jackson’s works.

Art, Politics & SocietyThe Story Behind... Obama's "HOPE" Poster

In a nutshell, the poster combines the efficiency and the aesthetics of Soviet propaganda and Warhol’s art.

Art, Politics & SocietyArthur Jafa’s "Love is the Message, the Message is Death" as a leitmotif of the fight for racial justice

With a direct and raw narration, Jafa transfers the message in another form of protest and expression of Black culture, as it is the exact opposite of calculated, cold and always (slightly) censored White media and authors.

Virtual ExhibitionsVOMA, The First Online Museum Without A Nationality

In times where a global pandemic prevents us from checking out our favorite artists in the offline world, creatives need to get creative and think of new, innovative ways to display artworks.

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